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At Actify we talk about the design process, big data, and Product Data Intelligence. We’re passionate about using big data and business intelligence to make manufacturing companies smarter by harnessing the product data trapped in all their data sources.  Actify understands product data, from the original designer’s product definition within engineering to disparate product data across a manufacturer’s extended enterprise. We appreciate what it takes to get value from data, content, and documents. Our core capability is extracting product data and part properties from CAD files or other engineering type documents as though it was just another database.

Actify provides a set of business solutions and tools designed to support the creation, management, dissemination and collaborative use of product data (i.e. all product definition information including BOM structures, CAD files, specifications, requirements, manufacturing instructions, etc.).


Product Data Intelligence




Actify’s Mission

For more than 20 years Actify has been providing visualization software to the discrete manufacturing industry overcoming the challenge of sharing and communicating engineering type documents across the extended enterprise or supply chain.

Many of today’s manufacturing companies store their data in line-of-business systems like PLM, ERP and Excel spreadsheets, but not everyone has access to these systems, and the user interface may be cumbersome for the casual user.  Actify enables cross-department collaboration, data management and quick access to extended product data that can help make critical business decisions faster.  Actify connects the dots, removing silos and barriers to effective communication.


Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Actify launched Centro in 2016 (January 23rd, 2016), and gained more than 20,000 active users within the first 12-months which was a significant step forward in Actify’s transformation to deliver Enterprise grade ‘Product Data Intelligence’ solutions to tier 1 automotive suppliers and SMB discrete manufacturing organizations.  Because deployment is measured in days, not months or years, as with more traditional solutions. Customers are reporting significant return on their investment from the deployment of Centro because of the greater insight to their existing data.

In March 2018, our Centro solution was reviewed by Finances Online, an independent review platform for B2B software solutions.  As a result of the review, Centro has earned the prestigious award of ‘Great User Experience’ for 2018. This award is dedicated to software applications that stand out in their category based on factors including ease of use, intuitive interface, and well-designed functionalities.  In addition, Centro also earned the ‘Rising Star Award’ for 2018, as a recognition of our innovative and fresh approach to PDM and PLM for manufacturers. This award is given to new SaaS products that are becoming very popular, are getting exceptionally good customer reviews and are viewed as a software that is highly efficient in solving the issues users are facing on their respective market.


About Chris Jones, CEO and President of Actify

Chris leads Actify with over 30 years of experience in the CAD/PLM industry. Chris established Actify’s lead development office in Edinburgh, Scotland. The UK’s fastest growing tech hub.  Chris cites that the manufacturing industry has a major skill gap. Manufacturing companies cannot afford to have expensive engineers compiling and administering product data or product information.  Chris and the team at Actify identified this problem as the industrial black hole and used Actify’s knowledge and experience to build a Product Data Intelligence solution to leverage the industry’s data opportunity.


What is Product Data Intelligence?

We define our technology as Product Data Intelligence because today’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions do not understand product data or handle the types of files or information that are synonymous with engineering and manufacturing organizations. Discrete manufacturers data is unique because your information assets include 3D models and 2D drawings with information hidden within CAD files (dimensions, eBOM, PMI, GD&T, etc.)

Product Data Intelligence builds a rounded understanding of project, parts and data assets by uniting line-of-business systems and analysis tools. With extensive data source coverage across the enterprise, you can manage big data environments on-premise or distributed.






How are disruptive technologies like Business Intelligence/Big Data Analytics/Cloud Computing/Artificial Intelligence impacting today’s innovation?

We’re starting to see this aspect of a connected enterprise and their cyber/physical systems.  However, it’s not only about machine and sensor data.  Those are key tools where data is authored.  The same is true for data being authored by employees within enterprise applications.  Today’s business problems are not about creating more data or buying additional expensive and complex technology, but rather accessing the existing business data and gaining insight.  Over the years manufacturing companies have spent a fortune on expensive CAD, PDM, PLM and ERP systems without ever gaining the promised results.  Just imagine if you could release the business value that is trapped in these applications and other key data sources like spreadsheets or other line-of-business systems.  Disruptive technologies like Actify Product Data Intelligence can help liberate your enterprise data and increase results without the typical costs!


Business Intelligence and its future

Information is recognized as a business asset that can create real value. The magnitude of information is continuing to increase driven by the proliferation of data from the internet of things (IoT) and big data.  While a comprehensive view into data is vital, visualizations and analysis features help businesses quickly make data-driven decisions for greater success.  Business Intelligence is all about integration, automation and adding context to data.  Business Intelligence applications facilitate data visibility. Having the maximum amount of information available to contextualize enterprise data allows managers to make the best decisions and improve business outcomes.  However, value is not found, it’s made! Business Intelligence makes the data meaningful to your users and your organization by managing it well.  The need for organizations to treat information as an asset will make data management and Business Intelligence strategic business tools. CIOs, data and analytics leaders must act now to secure the right investment.


Why Actify?

People are continually looking for easy and fast ways to share information and get their job done.  If organizations don’t provide an effective platform or environment for workers to manage data and collaborate within the organization, you’re at risk of employees connecting and sharing through unmanaged networks.  Even if you have a system in place, people will always select the easiest route to collaborate.  For over two decades, Actify has been attentive to client feedback, working in close association with its clients. It has earned them the customers’ confidence and a reputation for being client-compatible.  Actify’s enterprise solutions are designed to complement other enterprise applications and designed for high-user adoption plus quick deployment keeping investments and resources to a minimum, so your investment is as low as buying your users a daily cup of coffee.


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