Leverage all your CAD data with Actify

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Leverage CAD data with Actify


Ask yourself what functionality is really needed to be successful? An investment into productivity tools which aren’t effectively implemented or used to maximize business impact will erode profit margins. We know that budget allocation is a scrutinized activity. Many SMB manufacturers stretch their resources before they consider investing in expensive enterprise technology. Therefore, if you’re considering investing in a PLM solution, most likely your team is busier than ever, and you can’t find the time to improve.

CAD data is a key component of product design and supports a wide range of downstream processes including prototyping, technical publications, and work instructions. Effectively managing CAD data provides a huge operational advantage for the business and is often a top priority of PLM initiatives. Unfortunately, many companies rely on aging line-of-business systems and legacy infrastructure that are unprepared to meet market velocity challenges and were not designed to support today’s requirements.

The new business paradigm requires an architecture that is resilient and can withstand rapid change yet span traditional organizational and system boundaries to support multiple roles and processes. Actify’s technology is built upon a graph database which is great at describing hierarchical structures, like engineering product data. A graph database can effectively support the complex relationships between different assemblies, sub-assemblies, individual components, and related business data. A graph database typically provides the best performance when it comes to richly connected data, like CAD parts and associated engineering data such as cost, material, supplier, specifications and testing results – taking less time and memory to perform search queries.

Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform is everything you need to effectively organize, track, view, and collaborate on your enterprise files and CAD data. A single system that compliments your existing business systems and processes. A place for all engineering data and associated resources for effective enterprise collaboration and product definition management.

Actify believes that manufacturing companies have enormous, and often untapped potential which is unused and hidden within various business systems. Just imagine if you could release the business value and insight that is trapped in these applications and other key data sources like spreadsheets. Well, with Actify you can.

About Actify

At Actify we provide a set of business solutions designed to support the creation, management, dissemination and collaborative use of product data (i.e. product definition information including BOM structures, CAD files, specifications, requirements, manufacturing instructions, etc.).

Many of today’s manufacturing companies store their data in line-of-business systems like PLM, ERP and Excel spreadsheets, but not everyone has access to these systems and the user interface may be cumbersome for the casual user. Actify solves this challenge by enabling cross-department collaboration, data management and quick access to extended product data that can help make critical business decisions faster.

We believe that software tools can provide tremendous benefits, especially for manufacturing companies, through the intelligent use of their available data and through automating mundane processes.
Contact Actify for more information. Email: saleseurope@actify.com


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