Why do manufacturers need a BOM compare tool?

In this article, we explore the benefits of a visual BOM compare software tool.

If your company handles both engineering and manufacturing bills of material, then it might be difficult to manage the differences between them and keep the data consistent across eBOM and mBOM, especially when constantly making changes to them. Despite the big workload that BOM management represents, many of us are still comparing bills of materials in excel spreadsheets or by opening the BOM in 2 different sessions and manually connecting the dots. This approach is not only tiring and cumbersome but it is also very likely that human error and mistakes will be made, especially if the bill of materials are very long. This could lead to producing from the incorrect bill of materials which could cause delays to market and can be very costly having an impact on the whole supply chain. This is not only embarrassing for the people involved but it is one of the costliest errors engineering companies can make.

Therefore, augment the process of BOM comparison with modern software tools that can bring substantial savings into your production process by preventing mistakes and saving time, not to mention the peace of mind and pleasing experience a visual compare tool can provide to the user. Some of the additional business benefits of a compare tool are:

  • Consolidation of data across eBOMs and mBOMs and comparison of different revisions of the same assembly
  • Ability to easily answer customer’s and partner’s questions about differences between products or versions.
  • Finding obsolete parts and eliminate them from the inventory
  • Improving the design process
  • Lower manufacturing costs by reducing waste and errors.



Bom Compare




Our Centro solution provides a BOM compare tool that delivers all the above benefits and more. To further enhance your manufacturing processes, Centro automatically creates a visual bill of material from all CAD assemblies uploaded to the system. These bills of materials can be published to your ERP and MRP systems to ensure concurrency of data across all departments.

Also, when a data discrepancy is revealed through comparison, you can ‚check out‘ the CAD file in question before making any necessary changes to it. Centro makes sure that no one else can amend the file in the meantime and stores previous versions to prevent users from overwriting the hard work of others and prevent loss of valuable data.

Additionally, our BOM comparison tool has a user-friendly interface that makes the data comparison easier than ever. You can see the compared bills of material side-by-side with the differences highlighted. In the picture below, you can see what color symbols are used within the tool to communicate the differences. These visual codes make the comparison entirely effortless – for the first view, you can identify not just the location but the nature of the discrepancy.

BOM compare signs


If you want to know more about Centro and it’s BOM compare tool, continue reading here.

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