Product Data Intelligence – CIMdata commentary

CIMdata, the leading independent global strategic management consulting and research authority in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has written a comprehensive commentary on Actify’s Product Data Intelligence offering.


Key takeaways from the commentary:

• Actify’s solutions enrich and complement existing enterprise environments, such as PLM and ERP, by bridging information silos to provide informed analysis of disparate data, providing product data intelligence.

• The Actify suite works both within enterprise environments and as a standalone solution that provides an intelligent, visual-based view into product information.

• The solutions are deployed as a service and priced by the size of the user community.


Product data intelligence Gather organize and enrich data


Common Data Intelligence Issues

Discrete manufacturers of all sizes share a data problem: How to maximize value from all of the information that is available about products and services? This issue manifests itself throughout product lifecycles: during the product innovation process as well as after products are placed in service.

Sharing product data in the enterprise in meaningful ways that unlock insight and support collaboration, efficiencies, and cost reduction is critical to expanding data’s worth. The more that data is shared and reused, the more value is extracted from it and the higher the benefits for companies such as being faster, better, and cheaper at producing products. However, many barriers to sharing information exist because companies have created siloed data sources that are difficult to find and access.

What organizations want is to be able to have easy, shared access to information without replacing their current product data sources and systems, and complementary to existing PLM
and other enterprise solutions. This requires flexible integrated access across current environments of solutions and data stores.

The bottom line is that organizations, regardless of size, have a massive data opportunity that remains unfulfilled. An opportunity that can be resolved by systematic and effective use and dissemination of product data intelligence—that will unlock significant operational benefits. CIMdata believes that a good solution will reinforce competitive advantages and that having only a ‘good enough’ approach to PLM solutions will result in unnecessary problems, lack of user adoption for the more complex technologies, and minimize the potential benefits.  Click here to read the full article.


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Actify has been in the information discovery and visualization business for many years. They continue to enrich and add to their suite of tools and processes to enhance how people extract intelligence from their product data regardless of the data’s source.
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