Actify Centro Data Discovery wins Great user experience and Rising star awards from FinancesOnline Directory

Our global team at Actify is glad to report that our Centro Data Discovery solution has been carefully reviewed by FinancesOnline, the fastest growing independent review platform for B2B software solutions.

As a result of the review, Centro has earned the prestigious award of Great User Experience for 2018. This award from FinancesOnline is dedicated to software applications that stand out in their category based on factors including ease of use, intuitive interface, and well-designed functionalities.

In addition, Centro has also earnt the Rising Star award for 2018, as a recognition of our innovative and fresh approach to PDM and PLM for manufacturers. This award is given to new SaaS products that are becoming very popular, are getting exceptionally good customer reviews and are viewed as a software that is highly efficient in solving the issues users are facing on their respective market. We were also proud to have been recommended in the platform’s popular why use business intelligence guide.

According to the reviewers at Finances Online, “Centro helps users discover business insights and effortlessly share engineering-type data by taking the usual obstacles and challenges out of the picture. The software provides users with the capabilities and tools to make their product data management processes more effective than ever.“

Part of our review and evaluation was to understand what are the core features of Centro and how these solve typical problems of the everyday information workers in manufacturing:

  • Data silos: One of the most critical bottlenecks in manufacturing nowadays is the lack of access to engineering-type information. Just a smaller portion of engineering teams have instant access to these data, whereas the wider enterprise would need it as well to perform the daily tasks. Centro provides a unified platform to overcome this information bottleneck and extend access to data for everyone who needs it.
  • Lengthy design cycles – lack of collaboration: One of the biggest challenges in product development and product management is the lack of real-time, effective collaboration. Centro aims to provide a platform that speeds up decision making and makes project management a breeze by allowing all stakeholders to have instant access to a user-friendly platform where they can easily share, manage and review product and design data.
  • Traditional PLM systems are high complexity – low user adoption: PDM and PLM systems are usually too complicated for both engineers and users in other departments, therefore they find alternative ways to access and manage their data. Centro overcomes this challenge by providing all the functionality you need but in an easy to understand manner and without the need for lengthy training or specialized skills.

A special thank you to Finances Online for taking the time to carefully review our software solution and for praising our continuous development efforts with their awards!

Please visit to read the full report and to write your own review.

To learn more about Centro, visit our web page or book a free product demo.

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